Canal Stenosis


Canal stenosis implies to the constriction of the spinal canal by either bony or soft tissue encroachment. The most common causes of canal stenosis are a disc protrusion and a narrowed congenital spinal canal. These factors can all result in neural compression and lead to inadequate blood supply to the involved nerve roots, which therefore results in a decrease of oxygen to the nerves of the extremities especially during exercise. Patients are often in their 50s or older.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Low back with sciatic type pain in the legs.
  • Diffuse pain which can be unilateral or bilateral.
  • Bent forward posture to relieve pressure on the stenotic area.
  • Cramping/pain in the legs during walking and relief after resting 20 minutes. If walking is continued, both legs become unbearable and gait becomes unsteady.

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