HEMAVIEW Live Blood Screening


What is Hemaview?

Hemaview is an effective tool for the screening of live blood to reveal features which may be associated with ongoing physiological processes in the body.The hemaview live blood screening procedure is highly sensitive and unlike standard blood tests, the results are available immediately.

More importantly, many of the aspects assessed by the live blood screening indicate pathological changes that occur much earlier in the processes of disease than those available through standard blood tests. Variations in the white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, as well as parasitic, bacterial and yeast forms, can all be observed by the hemaview microscope.

Using only a drop or two of blood, a trained technician will be able to investigate the size, shape and ratios of red cells, white cells and platelets present and explain how different aspects of what we see may relate to your health including:

    • Nutrition
    • Vitamin Deficiencies
    • Body Toxicity
    • pH Imbalances
    • Heart Disease
    • Parasites, Bacterial or Viral Infections
    • Anaemia
    • Inflammation
    • Blood Clotting
    • Hydration Levels
    • Blood Fat Levels
    • Immune System Health
    • Oxidant Stress & Free Radical Damage
    • Liver Health

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Live blood screening is fundamentally the observation of living blood under an extremely powerful microscope connected to a camera. Live blood screening enables us to see your blood exactly as it behaves inside your body, giving a clear picture of your health at a cellular level.

A customized report will be generated and reviewed with you to discuss findings, advise treatments  and then take home to keep track of progress and changes in your blood parameters. With Hemaview we will be able to develop more effective health strategies tailor made for you.

In addition, regular Hemaview testing and implementing the recommended nutritional and lifestyle changes, you will be able to visually see the improvements in your blood and ultimately feel the difference in your overall health.

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Mattia SARPA – Naturopath