Post Surgical Rehabilitation


Orthopaedic and Post Operative Rehabilitation

The goal of this program is to help restore patients to function following surgery, as well as to maximize the results of their procedure and when relevant, seek to prevent any recurrence of the condition. This type of rehabilitation refers to injuries of the skeleton and related structures such as joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and a number of other anatomical structures. Some of these types of injury require surgical repair by an orthopaedic surgeon.

The rehabilitation of both surgical and non-surgical orthopaedic injuries requires specialised care to restore normal movement, strength and control to the affected area. The Sports Chiropractors at Spinal and Sports Care have both the training and a wealth of clinical experience to ensure the optimum recovery from all types of orthopaedic injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. We work closely with surgeons to gain the best results possible by utilizing specific protocols.

The path to recovery following surgery often begins slowly.  We know that patients beginning post-surgery care may still be in pain.  Each day following surgery, however, is a building block aimed at achieving a complete recovery.  Our post-surgery rehabilitation program is an active process that is led by the patient and our therapists are highly trained to customize rehabilitation programs to grow with patients as they regain strength, ability and range of motion.  We push our patients more intensely as therapy progresses, and also understand the frustration that patients sometimes experience as their body heals.  In addition to the physical aspects of recovery, our therapists also help patients cope with the very common emotional and psychological aspects that sometimes follow surgery.

At Spinal and Sports Care, our practitioners work one-on-one with each patient to provide the most effective treatment program possible.  We follow the treating physician’s specific prescription and develop a comprehensive physical therapy program that is the key to working toward a full recovery and regaining complete range of motion.

Our hands-on approach ensures that patients are completing their exercises, and that they are doing them correctly and effectively.  We teach strengthening techniques to foster recovery, assess for muscle imbalances and compensation patterns, and educate patients about proper posture and body mechanics during everyday activities.  We also develop personalized exercise programs that patients can utilize at home in order to help expedite the recovery process and work closely with strength and conditioning experts when specific return to sport protocols are required.

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