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Standing, sitting, lying and sleeping properly counteracts the constant force of gravity on the body, reducing stress on the spine and ensuring that the joints work efficiently.

The age of technology……the convenience of laptops, tablets and iphones has made our working lives far more flexible, efficient and accessible than they’ve ever been.

However, the digital age we now find ourselves immersed in brings with it a number of problems. Many of us now endure ‘normal daily aches and pains’, the most common of these being neck ache, upper back pain and related headaches.

We are seeing more and more of these problems in our clinics and, although the cause of the pain is not always immediately obvious to our clients, when we question them more about their lifestyle and how their pain may have started, they often admit to spending long hours crouched over an electronic device.

Good posture and poor posture are both habits that develop from repeated movement patterns. Your chiropractor at Spinal and Sports Care can help you improve your posture and advise you of correct ergonomic setup of your workstation. Get in the routine of doing a few simple exercises that will serve you for life.

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