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Our team at Spinal and Sports Care have never lost sight of the importance of managing all levels of athletes in all types of sports. As a matter of fact, most of our Sports Practitioners themselves fall into this category.

We are excited to be able to bring the knowledge and expertise gained from working with many elite athletes and experts in the field of sports medicine to benefit all our patients and pride ourselves on the ability to treat people from all walks of life through our Sports Physio Clinic, from the local resident, the elderly golfer through to the weekend warrior and social sporting participant.

We believe in the benefits of sport and fitness; and strive to help our patients get back into physical activity after sustaining any form of injury. Our practice has maintained a strong evidence based approach to injury assessment and management in sport. All our sports patients are educated in understanding the biomechanics of their body during physical activity by trying to identify any preventative or corrective measures that may need to be improved to return them back to sport.  Our team has expertise in all ages and participation levels in sport and we believe in encouraging our patients to maintain a health active lifestyle.